Without Plans for Your Key Accounts,
    You can only React

    For Key Account Managers
    Understanding Key Account Strategy and operating model while building new, strategic Value Propositions.

    What is Key Account Management?

    Key Account Managment helps participants:

    • Develop an understanding of the Key Account’s strategy that generates actionable insight, new Value Propositions and makes the supplier an indispensable contributor to achieving the Key Account’s strategy.
    • Build commitment to professional commercial engagements, across multiple functions through planning, executing and reviewing effective customer interactions.
    • Identify a customer’s ‘value drivers’, critical business issues and the challenges that make the issues difficult for them to resolve.
    • Identify the most attractive customers / segments and the priorities for growth in order to focus sales priorities and initiatives.
    • Develop and lead product campaigns with launch milestones and associated goals & objectives.

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