The Challenge

    An international agrochemical company acquired several late stage development products during a round of industry consolidation. Previously, the company had not introduced new products in the respective target crops, markets and geographies. Because of this, the company did not have the processes or experience to build effective launch plans. New capabilities had to be aligned with existing company specific processes and tools.

    The Approach

    Market Edge worked with key stakeholders in the region to understand current processes and capabilities, including branding, value proposition development and market activation, both in digital and traditional channels.  That diagnosis led to the development of an agreed Campaign Launch Process which included

    • Launch Strategy – multifunctional workshop to set strategy for the product launch
      • Target crop, agronomic and farmer segments, positioning of the new product within the existing portfolio, value proposition, value pricing
    • Market Activation – target segment specific actions to raise awareness and desire for trial usage during the two seasons prior to launch, including digital touchpoints and channels that were new to the client
    • Launch Campaign – detailed plan to maximize sales in year 1 and reach ‘peak sales’ within 4 years with leading and lagging metrics to drive and communicate performance
    • Launch Toolbox – standard, pragmatic tools to facilitate common practice and share best practice across multiple geographies

    The Outcome

    The enhanced capability (process, skills, experience and enabling tools / technology) was implemented in 20 countries.  Each country produced segment specific launch plans.

    Ongoing coaching ensured that the learning was applied effectively and ~40 new products were launched on time with initial sales (margin and share), exceeding industry benchmarks.