Assessing and Developing Marketing Capability

    The Challenge A leading, global agribusiness in crop protection chemicals and seeds needed to assess their marketing capability in 15 Latin American countries. In some markets, their business focused on direct sales to large farms that were run as sophisticated businesses. In other markets, the business sold through multi-step channels to a highly fragmented customer [...]

    Key Account Management in Semiconductors

    The Challenge The global leader in semiconductor fabrication equipment wanted to raise target capabilities of Key Account Managers to an agreed standard and create immediate business impact through application of new skills. Each Key Account Manager led a team of as many as 500 people responsible for sales and service to the world's leading semiconductor [...]

    Medical Device Launch Strategy

    The Challenge A medical device company developed a novel implant that provided an effective, minimally-invasive treatment option for high-risk individuals who were not candidates for standard surgical treatment. The business needed to understand how the device created value, both clinically and economically, in a range of cases. Corresponding insights would be used to develop the [...]

    Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning High Performance Packaging

    The Challenge A leading producer of high performance packaging materials marketed a range of products for the electronics and medical markets. These products were recognized for their technical superiority and value, but were soon copied by competitors. The business needed to decide which market sectors, applications and customer segments offered the best opportunity for growth, [...]

    Healthcare Go to Market Strategy – ActiveProtective™

    The Challenge ActiveProtective, the inventors of Tango Belt and a venture backed startup focused on fall detection and remote monitoring, wanted to understand the value of their innovative safety device for geriatric and high-risk fall customers. The project must generate actionable insights and clear implications for their go-to-market strategy. Customer Segments and Primary Targets Pains [...]

    Positioning and Pricing a New Technology

    The Challenge A global leader in polymer chemistry developed and patented a novel technology that delivers a number of benefits to paper manufacturers: improved yield, reduced effluent, fiber savings and reduced downtime. The new technology was capacity constrained and would cannibalize existing product and service sales. Consequently, targeting, positioning and pricing were critical to optimizing [...]

    Strategic Marketing in Specialty Chemicals

    The Challenge A global specialty chemicals company, with 7 B USD in sales and operations in five continents, wanted to design and implement a common strategic marketing planning process. The company is a category leader in a wide range of B2B markets, including automotive, oil and gas, coatings and personal care, and is organized into [...]

    Value Pricing in Seed Treatment

    The Challenge A global leader in the Agriculture industry introduced a seed treatment for the control of seed and soil-borne diseases in Cereals in one of its key markets in Europe. Two years after its launch, the product had underperformed market share and growth objectives, despite its excellent technical attributes. The client needed to understand [...]

    Strategy and Marketing Development in Specialty Chemicals & Materials

    The Challenge A global leader in specialty chemicals and performance materials changed their strategy, shifting from a product and technical orientation to a market-focused approach. This change required new organizational capabilities, including marketing skills, process and a market-oriented culture. The Approach Market Edge worked with the client to design a modular, cross-functional (finance, sales, technical [...]

    Identifying Innovation Opportunities & Needs-Based Segments in the Medical Device Industry

    The Challenge A category-leading medical device company had targeted a fast-growing clinical area for innovation and new product development. One particular disease in this clinical area is especially complex, and only one effective treatment currently exists for it. Our client was interested in developing a needs-based segmentation that would inform their product development process and [...]

    Innovation Roadmapping in the Medical Device Industry

    The Challenge A category leading medical device company had a goal to significantly grow in current and new markets over a 10-year planning horizon. Specifically, our client wanted to develop an Innovation Roadmap based on performance vectors and technology initiatives that would provide direction and milestones for investment to achieve their growth objectives. The Approach [...]

    Developing Commercial Excellence

    The Challenge A vertically integrated global leader in packaging launched a new strategy, shifting their offer from individual paper and plastic products to packaging solutions. This shift required the transformation of their commercial capability with implications for R&D, marketing, sales and technical service. The Approach Market Edge partnered with the business to develop a holistic, [...]

    Launch Campaigns in Agriculture

    The Challenge An international agrochemical company acquired several late stage development products during a round of industry consolidation. Previously, the company had not introduced new products in the respective target crops, markets and geographies. Because of this, the company did not have the processes or experience to build effective launch plans. New capabilities had to [...]

    Segmentation in the Food Processing Industry

    The Challenge A global leader in the food processing industry developed and patented a new product that delivers a number of benefits to wine producers, such as reduced process water consumption, lower disposal cost and improved productivity without downtime or capital expenditure. The new solution required positioning, value creation and value pricing in order to [...]

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