We are passionate about helping our clients succeed.  We partner with clients to understand the root cause of their business challenges and then co-create and implement pragmatic solutions. We help clients build the capability they need to win in their markets.

    When our clients achieve their objectives, we win.



    Market Edge Timeline

    • Client Engagements
    • 1992 -2000
      Early Years
    • 2001
      UK Office Established
    • 2005 - 2015
      Growth Milestones
    • 2017
      Market Edge Academy premier

    Client Engagements

    Market Edge has delivered projects or programs in the blue shaded countries during the past 5 years. In the green shaded countries, Market Edge has delivered programs in local language (non-English) with content adjusted for culture and business relevance.

    Early Years

    1992 - Market Edge Team established within ICI as an internal marketing consultancy based in the United Kingdom.
    1996 - U.S.A. satellite office (in Wilmington, Delaware) established.
    2000 - Management buyout completed, establishing Market Edge as privately held, independent company.

    2001 - UK Office

    Market establishes EU legal entity and office in the UK.

    Growth Milestones

    2006 - Market Edge Case Studies (Vector Tobacco, Claritin) earn awards in Europe and USA.
    2010 - Market Edge team surpasses 50th In-Country project delivery.
    2013 - Market Edge acquires RTB Social, a Digital Marketing Communications Company.
    2014 - Market Edge launches Strategic Marketing Open Programs in Brasil and USA.
    2015 - Market Edge establishes Switzerland Legal Entity and Office in Lucerne.

    Market Edge Academy

    The Market Edge Academy begins bringing applied learning to organizations that want to develop pragmatic commercial excellence.