Actionable insight is the key to gaining advantage in competitive markets

    For over twenty years Market Edge has partnered with businesses to develop their capabilities and improve their commercial performance. Market Edge brings this wealth of experience to market research through Customer R&D℠, a proven approach to gathering actionable insights.

    The Customer R&D℠ Approach

    Off-the-shelf reports rarely provide the specific information required to make strategic decisions with confidence, and contracted research can result in merely shuffling the deck, confirming information you already knew without improving your ability to make decisions or take strategic action.

    In every Customer R&D℠ project, Market Edge works closely with its client partners to provide deep, objective insight that directly addresses the key uncertainties standing between them and commercial success.

    Market Edge leverages its suite of strategic marketing tools and frameworks to organize research findings, identify the most pressing implications for your business and develop a comprehensive strategy.

    Market Edge has used Customer R&D℠ to help businesses in a wide variety of industries to overcome their most pressing challenges and achieve sustainable, long-term success

    Main Applications of Customer R&D℠

    Market Edge frequently uses observational research in Customer R&D℠ projects to discover new market opportunities and assess the value created by new offerings. In-situ observation of customer or end-user processes is combined with in-depth interviews to explore goals, decision-making and pain points. This approach uncovers non-obvious insights and opportunities, beyond what participants are consciously aware of and would report in interviews.

    Market Edge communicates key insights through deliverable suites that enable all stakeholders, from C-level executives to product developers, to quickly and easily find the insights that are most valuable to them. Succinct strategic recommendations are supported with evidence and context via infographic posters, booklets, reports and multi-channel video documentation.

    Value Chain Mapped through Customer R&D℠

    What are your most pressing strategic questions and objectives?

    What decisions and challenges lie between you and success?

    Are you…

    • Developing a new product or go-to market strategy?
    • Targeting an adjacent market?
    • Expanding share of wallet with a particular type of customer?
    • Assessing your product portfolio?

    Whether you are developing a foundational understanding of a new market or trying to quantify the value created by an offering, Customer R&D℠ can deliver the clear, actionable insight you need.

    Contact us to discover how Customer R&D℠ can reveal the next big opportunity to grow your business