Healthcare Market Research


    Our team leverages deep clinical knowledge and an extensive network to enable clear decision making

    Research Design

    We start with your project objectives and propose an approach that will lead to the actionable insights you need to achieve these objectives. We leverage various market research modalities and develop tailored approaches that align with the project timeline and budget. We have an experienced team of subject matter experts that will manage the project and suggest the market research approach that maximizes the return on investment.


    Recruiting research respondents is the foundation for obtaining quality market research insights. Successful healthcare market research recruiting requires in-depth knowledge of the global medical industry, along with a willingness to employ multiple approaches to secure quality respondents. We can help you reach the target audience using our extensive database of Healthcare professionals, Influencers, and other KOLs. The screening for our expert participants is completed through a robust vetting process and these details are shared with your project team.

    Market Research

    With over 20 years of experience helping healthcare clients, we have deep clinical knowledge and market research expertise. Whether you would like to identify your next product innovation opportunity, improve your strategic decisions, or improve your probability of launch success, our research approaches lead to the most valuable qualitative and quantitative data and insight. We offer turn-key project management or tailored services in collaboration with your team. Regardless, we always start with defining the project objectives and then proposing the optimal approach.

    Actionable Insights

    The information discovered through market research can be overwhelming. We have proven analytical tools and frameworks that enable us and our clients to generate actionable insights. Our team of consultants analyzes the research data using a multi-dimensional approach using tools and techniques to better assess the market, opportunities for innovation, segmentation, value creation, value propositions, and go-to-market strategies. We collaborate with your team throughout the project to ensure the objectives are met and the outcomes exceed your expectations.

    Example Case Studies

    If you are launching a new device, service, marketing plan, sales strategy or re-assessing your existing markets and/or products, our Market Research Team with more than 20 years of experience in the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Bio-Medical space can help.

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    Our Process and FAQs

    Scope of Work

    The scope of work (SOW) is diligently discussed to confirm the objectives with your project team. At the start of our engagement, Market Edge will meet with your team to confirm targets and goals to ensure 100% alignment. Then, we determine the optimal market research approach that will lead to the actionable insights needed for strong deliverables.  In many cases, we can also provide options depending on the available budget and timing.  Market Edge is your partner and will ensure that the agreed-upon approach is both cost-effective and successful.

    What if the SOW changes mid-project?

    We are as flexible as you need.  Along the way, your team may discover new learnings that require adjustments to the scope.  The Market Edge team can easily adapt to changes mid-project. It simply takes a phone call or e-mail to let us know, and together we can determine how the change-needs will be met. For example, changing the number of participant experts or possibly including an additional vertical. We will endeavor to meet the additional needs as timely as possible.  Note: We will immediately let you know (in writing) if the project changes will increase or decrease the project fees.

    Identifying key voices

    Our vetting process is extensive and detailed. Our approach is data-driven, determining key stakeholders’ relevance on specific topics. The final screening benchmarks are completed through a robust vetting process, and these details are shared with your project team.

    Interview Process

    When we schedule a call or online discussion, you will receive an invitation for your calendar. That invitation incorporates all of the necessary details. Our platform will call you and the interviewee directly at the date and time of discussion. You also have the option to dial-in if you prefer. If the interview has been planned for online to enable screen sharing, you simply click the link in the invitation at your scheduled date and time. That’s it. It is truly that easy.

    Direct phone conversations

    Get your insights from the source of expertise. We’ll arrange the time and date; you pick up the phone and engage.

    Survey-based quantitative research

    The Market Edge team will help you develop a knowledgeable survey and then we will administer and field it on our platform. We will disseminate it to key stakeholders, analyze and provide practical insights in easy to digest format. [segmentation to drive actions, construct hypotheses]

    Do we provide moderator services?

    Yes. Our team has subject matter experience in numerous industries. We are uniquely experienced to moderate telephone interviews and online discussions. Our experts will follow a Discussion Guide that you have approved.

    Can you help us with the Discussion Guide?

    Yes. We are expert in helping our clients write discussion guides that guide the interviewee to effectively and accurately discuss the given topic.

    This is a lot of information; can you manage the whole project for us?

    Market Edge is a full-service Project Management firm. We excel at:

    • Consistent and clear communication
    • Developing a SOW that is in line with your budget and desired outcome
    • Engaging key experts in fields of desire
    • Developing Discussion Guides that are stimulating, lively and impressive
    • Moderating the interviews
    • Recording and transcribing
    • Analyzing and data searching for themes and patterns
    • Developing actionable insights
    • Present results and recommendations