Healthcare is an exceptionally dynamic marketplace – customers, competition, consumers, technology, regulation, and other forces are continuously changing.  Winning requires developing actionable insight better and faster than competition.  Whether initially designing an offering or managing it throughout its lifecycle, strategic decision-making should be informed by market insight.

    Market Edge partners with healthcare companies to understand opportunities for innovation, validate assumptions, test product concepts, and assess clinical and economic value.

    Customer R&D℠ in Healthcare

    Customer R&D℠ market research is Market Edge’s proven approach to ‘discovery’ (analysis of current standard of care, associated costs, pain points and opportunities for innovation) and ‘value creation’ (quantification of value created for patients, physicians, payors, and providers).  Customer R&D℠ incorporates planning, executing, capturing, and analyzing interviews, and real-world observations to develop actionable insight.  Market Edge ensures success by collaborating closely with stakeholders to:

    1. Agree strategic and tactical objectives; deliver against an agreed budget
    2. Provide pragmatic diagnosis, design, facilitation and analysis
    3. Lead projects from beginning through implementation
    4. Measure and drive ROI for engagements

    Customer R&D℠ Market Research

    Customer R&D℠ incorporates a range of research methods to gather data on trends and opportunities in healthcare. Market Edge develops a thorough understanding of our clients’ strategic objectives and uncertainties before agreeing the appropriate methodology for each research effort. Following are some of those methods.

    Ethnographic Research

    Ethnographic research involves in-situ observation of real-world healthcare processes (surgical procedures, patient pathways, office visits) and in-depth interviews with relevant participants to explore goals, decision-making, and pain points. Through direct observation, Market Edge identifies non-obvious insights and opportunities, beyond what participants are consciously aware of and would report in interviews alone. Observed difficulties and pain points are explored in interviews to determine root causes and potential solutions.

    Ethnographic research provides a rich dataset to support business activities and decision-making throughout an offering’s development and lifecycle. Observed processes and interviews are video documented and analyzed for qualitative and quantitative data. Market Edge crafts deliverables that intuitively communicate at several levels of detail, enabling stakeholders from C-level executives to product developers to find the most valuable actionable insights. Some of the deliverable formats Market Edge utilizes include:

    • Infographics that provide a comprehensive picture of processes are effective for developing shared understanding for multidisciplinary teams and provide context for offer development.
    • Treatment booklets that tell the step-by-step story of an episode of care through images and text, serving an excellent desk references and educational collateral for new team members.
    • Reports, incorporating images, videos, and quotes in order to identify opportunities and directly address key strategic decisions.
    • Multi-channel video documentation, clipped and organized to enable clients to find what they want to see quickly and easily.

    In-depth Interviews

    In-depth interviews are an excellent, efficient means of speaking with healthcare stakeholders about challenges, pain points, and opportunities for new offerings. Each year, Market Edge conducts thousands of interviews with healthcare practitioners – physicians, nurses, therapists, hospital administrators, payers, and patients. Market Edge specializes in collaboratively designing an interview approach with clients, conducting rich, open-ended interviews, and extracting the strategically-relevant themes

    Focus Groups

    Focus groups are an opportunity to hear a variety of perspectives in a single session. Carefully planning the group’s composition and the moderating style, provides the setting for product ideation and development. After an offering has been designed, a group of stakeholders from diverse roles (e.g., healthcare professionals, administrators and procurement managers) can provide a complete picture of the value to an organization.

    Identifying Research Partners for Healthcare Customer R&D℠

    Identifying and engaging appropriate healthcare professionals is essential to successful Customer R&D℠. Market Edge has a worldwide network of healthcare professionals and close relationships with numerous prestigious healthcare facilities. These relationships are invaluable to our clients, enabling them to target specific market and customer segments.

    Market Edge is a complete turn-key solution for your healthcare market research needs. We collaborate closely with clients throughout projects to ensure success, routinely providing some or all of the following:

    • Engaging KOLs, Physicians and other Key Stakeholders (e.g. Hospital Administrators)
    • Identifying Patients for Specific Studies
    • Conducting In-Depth-Interviews
    • Executing Ethnographic Studies
    • Moderating Focus Groups
    • Analyzing Qualitative Data
    • Developing Actionable Insights
    • Characterizing Distinct Market Segments
    • Identifying Potential Opportunities for Innovation

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      Collaborating with Market Edge accelerated our ability to connect our worldwide community of Marketers and shaped how we launch new products to drive growth for the organization.

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      Great group of people. Love the anecdotal information and examples from the projects you have worked on!

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      The program was engaging with a methodology that was easy to understand and conceptualize applications within our business.

      Christina Pike
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      The Market Edge program provides a methodology to truly develop solutions relevant to your customers needs. Even better, it provides means to determine who the right customers are

      Todd Nilsen
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      With Market Edge’s analysis and pragmatic approach, we were able to create, articulate and capture more value. Market Edge helped deliver faster growth and improved profitability for our business unit.

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