The Challenge

    A medical device company developed a novel implant that provided an effective, minimally-invasive treatment option for high-risk individuals who were not candidates for standard surgical treatment. The business needed to understand how the device created value, both clinically and economically, in a range of cases. Corresponding insights would be used to develop the device’s value proposition and product launch roadmap to ensure physician, provider and payor adoption.

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    The Approach

    Market Edge used a phased approach to design and execute market research that would address critical uncertainties. After each phase, an Insights Workshop was held with the core client team to draw conclusions and build consensus.

    • Phase 1 consisted of 20 face-to-face physician interviews to gather information on the current treatment process, including which types of physicians were responsible for making treatment decisions, the various treatment options available and how patient characteristics influenced treatment decision-making. Phase 1 outputs included a detailed patient journey map for the current standard of care and a patient segmentation hypothesis.
    • Phase 2 consisted of 25 online interactive video physician interviews to validate the patient segmentation and identify the new device’s value drivers for each segment. Phase 2 outputs included a value proposition hypothesis for each segment, as well as implications for other stakeholder groups (facilities and insurance).
    • Phase 3 consisted of 50 online surveys distributed to physicians to validate the value propositions and prioritize the patient segments based on physicians’ perception of the concept’s value.

    Alignment of Comorbidities with Treatment Segments

    The Outcome

    Market Edge defined a series of patient segments to sequentially target in order to build confidence in the new treatment and penetrate the market effectively. Market Edge identified which physicians represent “gatekeepers” in treatment, whose buy-in would be necessary for success and developed a detailed understanding of the evidence required for adoption by different types of physicians. With well-defined patient segments, the client was able to assess the size of the various segments and financial implications.