Market Edge’s proprietary Marketing Benchmarks and Capability databases are based on >20 years experience with category leading clients in a range of B2B and B2C industries.

    Strategic, tactical and product management marketing roles are analyzed as a function of operating profit, R&D investment and anticipated growth.  Extracts from the database compare similar business units (industries, size, profitability and growth).

    BENCHMARKS provide guidance to determine if the quantity of marketing investment is appropriate.

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      Case Studies

      Collaborating with Market Edge accelerated our ability to connect our worldwide community of Marketers and shaped how we launch new products to drive growth for the organization.

      Breana Roides
      Senior Manager, WW Marketing Education Global Education Solutions, Johnson & Johnson

      Great group of people. Love the anecdotal information and examples from the projects you have worked on!

      VIneeth Varghese
      Sr. Global Marketing Manager, Accutome

      The program was engaging with a methodology that was easy to understand and conceptualize applications within our business.

      Christina Pike
      Marketing Analyst, Buckhorn Inc.

      The Market Edge program provides a methodology to truly develop solutions relevant to your customers needs. Even better, it provides means to determine who the right customers are

      Todd Nilsen
      Marketing Lead, MTF Biologics

      With Market Edge’s analysis and pragmatic approach, we were able to create, articulate and capture more value. Market Edge helped deliver faster growth and improved profitability for our business unit.

      Steve Medvetz
      Business Leader at W. L. Gore and Associates Inc.