The Challenge

    ActiveProtective, the inventors of Tango Belt and a venture backed startup focused on fall detection and remote monitoring, wanted to understand the value of their innovative safety device for geriatric and high-risk fall customers. The project must generate actionable insights and clear implications for their go-to-market strategy.

    • Customer Segments and Primary Targets
    • Pains and Gain Analysis leading to Critical Purchase Criteria
    • Customer Value Creation compared to Next Best Alternatives

    The Approach

    Market Edge designed and led a four part market research and insight generation project to

    • Complete an Uncertainties Assessment with key ActiveProtective stakeholders to prioritize research objectives
    • Design, schedule and conduct in-depth interviews with directors, nursing leaders and healthcare practitioners at a range of facilities to assess perceptions of the device’s benefits and value
    • Prepare insights analysis with implications for go-to-market strategy
    • Revisit select interview targets to clarify insights generated

    The Outcome

    • Generation of a Value Creation ‘Waterfall’ that quantified several device benefits from the customer’s perspective
    • Recommended Product Launch considerations including Value Proposition, Pricing and Business Model options

    Post Engagement Success

    ActiveProtective expanded their business model and portfolio to include geriatric safety offerings, doubled down in Remote Patient Monitoring and renamed their safety device to the Tango Belt. ActiveProtective Tango Belt went on to win the prestigious Branson’s XTC award in 2019.

    Client Testimonial

    “Market Edge’s research findings allowed us to crystallize our value proposition and focus our marketing messaging on the aspects that mattered most to our customers.” 

    Wamis Singhatat

    CTO, VP Product Development