Market Edge Support Launch of Huntsman Pigments' Revolutio2nary New DELTIO™ Pigment

    Margaret McGuire

    Huntsman Pigments specializes in the manufacture and marketing of TIOXIDE® titanium dioxide pigments, a brand with exceptional reputation for excellence and consistency, trusted and recognized throughout the world.

    Over the last 18 months, Market Edge have been working with the Huntsman Pigments Sales and Marketing team on a range of projects focused on developing effective customer solutions from their innovative development pipeline.

    The culmination of Huntsman Pigments’ focus on developing solutions for customers was recently unveiled at a trade show, where the revolutionary new DELTIO™ range of pigments was launched. These pigments change the rules for using Titanium Dioxide powder and bring a new dimension to innovation in pigmentation. For more information please visit

    Rob Portsmouth (Marketing Director, Huntsman Pigments) commented, “I am tremendously proud of the team that have developed the DELTIO™ Brand, it is a huge change for us, it’s a great step up, it’s a great product, it really is.”

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