Strategic Marketing Program 

    Market Edge will lead teams on an intensive three-day journey, where core strategic marketing concepts and associated tools are applied to mission critical challenges. During the program, team members will build their competencies, understand implications, and gain new insights as they build plans to successfully meet this challenge. Market Edge consultants will coach the teams to ensure core concept understanding and valuable tool implementation. Equipped with novel implications and insights, teams will meet future challenges with the tools and capabilities needed to successfully address market dynamics and lead their businesses to improved profitability and growth.

    Campaign Execution 

    An interactive two-day program for individuals and teams responsible for translating market strategy into segment specific commercial activities, from seasonal campaigns to new product launches. Program outputs include: targeted segments and customer journeys; touchpoint design and creative briefs; ladder planning for internal communications, advertisements, agencies, channels and events; Campaign performance metrics, dashboards, and triggers

    Value Pricing

    A two-day program that guides commercial teams to manage and optimize business profitability. Market Edge consultants will coach teams in establishing a value-based mindset, and will use Market Edge’s Pricing “Roadmap” to build pragmatic skill sets for strategic and tactical pricing approaches. The implications and insights will help develop pricing strategies for new and existing products and enhance negotiating skills for delivering valued offerings.

    Key Account Management (KAM)

    Key Account Management is a two-day program designed for Commercial and Sales roles with responsibility for influencing the direction and growth of strategic accounts. Participants will focus on the logic and ROI of KAM, discovery of actionable insights and analysis of KA profitability, and execution of KAM team designs and strategies.

    Customer Engagement 

    Pragmatic, proven approaches for commercial team effectiveness in meetings, understanding customer needs and delivering value propositions.

    Negotiation Skills

    Market Edge’s experienced consultants will guide individuals and teams through the key skills to establish negotiating strength as well as role play negotiations to develop skills.

    Territory Planning and Metrics 

    Within this program, participants will understand how to prioritize sales territories based on maximum business return.  Participants will analyze their territories and business objectives and then create their own territory plans prioritizing actions and KPI’s at an Annual, Quarterly and Monthly basis.