The Challenge

    A global specialty materials firm faced poor sales performance (declining sales force metrics and high sales force turnover) as new entrants ‘poached’ top sales people. A capability assessment indicated that core selling skills (proactive account management, articulating value propositions and sales call efficiency) were not being developed in their front line sales people by their sales managers. Sales Coaching and Sales Planning (alignment with marketing) were identified as the top priorities to improve business performance.

    The Approach

    Market Edge lead the improvement initiative where

    • Managers were surveyed to identify coaching strengths and opportunities
    • Pragmatic process was introduced to plan, execute and review coaching sessions
    • Sales Managers planned and practiced the techniques using real examples from their sales team while peers and Market Edge consultants observed and provided ‘coaching to the coaches’

    The coaching workshops were delivered in 12 countries and a range of languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

    The Outcome

    Sales performance indicators improved, including sales cycle time, closing rate and gross margin per sales lead.  Additionally, the morale in the sales force improved significantly as front line sales leads felt engaged and appreciated the investment in their development.  During the following 12 months, sales force turnover was reduced by 30%.