The Challenge

    With a significant business unit facing increasing pressure from competitors (including generic competition), Market Edge was asked to assist the regional headquarters of a medical device company to improve the quality of its Strategic Analysis and Market Planning. The business units and regional teams had specific goals and objectives, but no vehicle was in place to share market insights, develop actionable strategic marketing plans, align growth objectives and prioritize strategic initiatives across the region.

    The Approach

    Market Edge worked with business leadership to

    • Assess existing processes and strategic planning tools
    • Examine cross-functional corporate planning calendars
    • Build a comprehensive planning framework

    This established a standard of excellence for marketing plans and created a common ‘language’ and frameworks.

    The Outcome

    A full planning calendar was developed to integrate global, regional, and local planning activities. Opportunities for efficiency were identified and leveraged, eliminating repetitive planning activities and review processes. Strategic planning content was aligned with global strategic initiatives. These action steps ensured that all strategic planning efforts were aligned, and local activities became more effective.