The Challenge

    A Fortune 100 business needed to assess its marketing capabilities in Latin America and turned to Market Edge for assistance. Marketing experience and capability varied across each of the 15 countries. In order to drive consistency and excellence, the regional marketing director needed to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each country and how to deliver best practice.

    The Approach

    Market Edge initiated a process to

    • Collate and review marketing processes and planning documents for each country
    • Conduct in-depth face-to-face interviews with functional managers, key accounts and channel partners to assess local marketing practice
    • Assess skills, processes and culture in a holistic review of marketing capability.

    The Outcome

    Detailed analysis and enabled regional management to identify strengths and weaknesses. Capability gaps in each country were prioritized and positioned into short and long-term development plans. Best practices and Market Edge external benchmarks were shared with each country to close the gaps in the priority areas.