Account Targeting Customer Study

    Margaret McGuire

    A global specialty chemicals manufacturer was focused on the largest global accounts in their market. Consolidating customer power, global purchasing initiatives and rising costs to serve were driving down margins. Market Edge worked closely with the client to identify new segments of small and medium accounts that had different needs and would value the services the supplier could offer. Using one country as a pilot, the Market Edge “New Lead Conversion Process TM” generated > 2,000 new leads, screened and validated targets using direct “voice of the customer” research and yielded a significant return on investment. In the pilot country, a 20% increase in direct sales to high value customers was achieved in just three months. With a price premium of 10-30% over existing business, the Net Present Value on 5 years of sales is forecasted to be at least $7.3M. The client is now rolling out the Lead Conversion Process TM to other countries around the world.

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