Market Edge Advisor November 2018

    Cassie Billig

    Workplace Assessments

    Workplace Assessments gather data and insights to determine focus developmental areas to help individuals and the organization accomplish their goals and objectives.  B2B approaches to assessments range from informal qualitative reviews to the intensive deep dive into the organization.  Choosing the right assessment approach before beginning an initiative will help define success and more… 
    1. Online skills and knowledge assessments are great for understanding individual, functional and team-based capability before and after development investments.
    2. Unbiased work product reviews against industry benchmarks provide a multiperspective approach that identifies target performance and gaps for your business teams.
    3. To support the creation of a multi-year improvement plan that enables your business to achieve your strategy, make sure to map your organization’s current cultural state.  Wide gaps by role, seniority, and business units can be an anchor to the past and prevent strategy progress.