Market Edge Advisor June 2018

    Cassie Billig

    Do you struggle with the linkage between sales and marketing?

    As businesses grow it critical maintain alignment between the sales and marketing functions.  Without this alignment, impacts can be seen in:

    • Account targeting – we spend our time with the wrong customers
    • Value proposition delivery – we focus on attributes that are either non-differentiated from competition or our customers don’t really care about
    • Value capture thru pricing – our pricing does not seem to match how value customers perceive our value
    • Call planning – our sales call are ineffective or in some cases unorganized


    The combination of business processes and marketing skills help organizations address the issues above and target, price and position appropriately.


    Our experience with a range of global, category leading B2B companies has shown the following specific capabilities are critical to effective sales/marketing effectiveness.


    1. Customer Segment Targeting – we call on the “right” customers and our offer is the best fit for their needs
    2. Value Proposition Development and Delivery – we understand how our offer is different (and better) than competition and we deliver that message in a clear, concise and compelling fashion
    3. Value Capture  – we price and communicate our value in a convincing fashion and capture the value that we provide
    4. Professional Call Planning – we plan customer calls to use time effectively (ours and our customer’s) and ensure we are continually delivering and gaining information throughout the sales process

    For examples of the concepts and tools above in practice, contact