Organizational Capability Assessments


    • Multi-perspective assessment including in-depth interviews, process and work-product reviews to assess an organization’s commercial capability


    • Analysis and comparison to industry performance and Market Edge benchmarks provides actionable insight


    • Capability initiatives are aligned with strategy, ensuring organizational development is tailored to business-specific priorities

    Individual Commercial Capability Assessments

    • On-line assessment of individual skills and knowledge; including industry and company specific questions; available in multiple languages


    • Outputs include individual scores as well as analysis by role, geography and business unit enabling organizations to aggregate common needs and leverage collective strengths


    • Development plans are aligned with business unit priorities to build target capabilities at the right time

    Quantitative Performance Based Assessments

    Capability Assessment 3


    • Understand where your organization is spending their time: by account, sales stage and service activity; assessment design tailored to organization’s business and CRM platform


    • Analyze results to identify and understand top performers and replicate their behavior


    • Data gathered confidentially, anonymized reporting

    Device Friendly

    • Globally accessible on any device with web browser capability
    • Multiple language options
    • Secure EU-based server with EU GDPR compliance

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    Case Studies

    Assessing Global Marketing Capability

    The Challenge A Fortune 100 business needed to assess its marketing capabilities in Latin America and turned to Market Edge for assistance. Marketing experience and capability varied across each of the 15 countries. In order to drive consistency and excellence, the regional marketing director needed to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each country and [...]

    Collaborating with Market Edge accelerated our ability to connect our worldwide community of Marketers and shaped how we launch new products to drive growth for the organization.

    Breana Roides
    Senior Manager, WW Marketing Education Global Education Solutions, Johnson & Johnson

    Great group of people. Love the anecdotal information and examples from the projects you have worked on!

    VIneeth Varghese
    Sr. Global Marketing Manager, Accutome

    The program was engaging with a methodology that was easy to understand and conceptualize applications within our business.

    Christina Pike
    Marketing Analyst, Buckhorn Inc.

    The Market Edge program provides a methodology to truly develop solutions relevant to your customers needs. Even better, it provides means to determine who the right customers are

    Todd Nilsen
    Marketing Lead, MTF Biologics

    With Market Edge’s analysis and pragmatic approach, we were able to create, articulate and capture more value. Market Edge helped deliver faster growth and improved profitability for our business unit.

    Steve Medvetz
    Business Leader at W. L. Gore and Associates Inc.