Are your Marketing team’s headcount and roles appropriate to deliver your organization’s strategy?

    Participate in Market Edge’s 2020 Benchmarking Study to know the answer and implications for your organization.

    Market Edge’s Benchmarks evaluate specialty chemical and materials, agrochemical and healthcare companies at the business unit level, providing a very specific and relevant comparison to peers.

    The proprietary Benchmarks compare headcount and roles in strategic marketing, marketing communication and product management to compare similar business units based on size, operating margin, R&D investment and anticipated growth. This year’s Benchmarks also include new insights on Digital Marketing resources and expertise.

    We are inviting you to participate by

    1. Having a 15-minute, confidential conversation with our lead consultant to understand the process
    2. Providing your data securely and confidentially
    3. Following up with our lead consultant to receive your output, identify implications and answer your questions

    Market Edge’s proprietary Benchmark and Capability databases are based on >20 years of experience with category-leading clients in a range of B2B and Healthcare markets.

    As an Advisor subscriber, your participation is confidential and your personal output will be complimentary. Fill out the information below and a Market Edge consultant will be in contact with you.

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