The WSJ recently penned an article, Disney’s New Pricing Magic: More profit from fewer park visitors, on Disney’s improved profitability within its theme parks – and their improved performance is striking. “Even as the company limits the number of visitors and keeps attendance at its U.S. theme parks below pre-pandemic levels, they are generating record sales and profits,” and while theme parks are clearly a different creature than industrial markets, the foundational elements are virtually the same (Whelan, R. & Passy, J.).

    Does your team struggle with Pricing or Price Strategy? Pricing strategies and principles are actively applied around us every day. See below for examples of how Disney is using an updated pricing approach to their advantage in a post-COVID environment.

    What can we learn from Disney?

    Source: Whelan, R., & Passy, J. (2022, August 28). Disney’s New Pricing Magic: More profit from fewer park visitors. The Wall Street Journal, from

    Know your objective, have a target segment, tailor the offer to win, price for value, and measure, measure, measure. This serves as a great reminder that the principles of pricing and marketing are very common and when we get the foundation right, we are best prepared to extract value.

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