At Market Edge, we are passionate about helping B2B companies leverage insights from transactional sales data to achieve a step change in growth and profit. Discover how analytics-driven customer segmentation can reduce churn rate, increase growth in revenue and profit, optimize sales force design, and create sustainable pricing practices in your entire commercial team.

    1. Increase Customer Retention and Reduce the Churn Rate

    • The Power of Insights from Sales Data: In most B2B Industries, retaining customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Sales transactional data holds the key to understanding customers’ buying patterns and preventing churn.
    • Early Warning System: We work with commercial teams to analyze data and proactively identify at-risk customer groups. Continuous analysis of transactional data and purchasing patterns will alert you before a customer is potentially lost.
    • Tailored Pricing Solutions: Once at-risk customer groups are identified, we support your pricing execution team to develop retention strategies and campaigns to address unique needs and maintain loyalty.

    2. Identify Cross-Selling Opportunities – Grow the Business

    • Hidden Opportunities: Analytics-driven customer segmentation incorporates how much customers spend, what they purchase and how frequently. We work with your teams to identify specific cross-selling opportunities among customer groups that buy complementary products that perhaps Key Account or Outside sales teams have ignored.
    • Replicate Success: Your teams develop the capability to identify, segment, and target similar customers in groups. Then, with marketing capability development, give your teams the necessary skills to craft and deliver successful cross-selling strategies. This leads to a sustainable pricing practice that retains customers and improves profits.

    3. Optimizing Sales Design and Lower the Cost to Serve

    • Customer Appropriate Approach: Sales organization design should match customers’ needs. Transactional data-driven customer segments can be served effectively by different sales approaches such as Key Account Teams, Inside Sales, and online sales platforms, maximizing cost-effective reach in your market, region, or industry.
    • Optimize Services: Transactional data-driven customer segmentation identifies what services are most valued by customers, allowing you to align services with customer expectations and buying preferences.
    • Long Sales Tail management: Analytics-driven customer segmentation identifies the smaller, high-cost-to-serve customers that should be managed more efficiently, potentially shifting to a distribution model.

    Market Edge specializes in helping businesses unlock the full potential of their commercial teams by building capability through practical, hands-on, project-based workshops, customized tools, and improved business processes. Your business and team deserve the competitive edge that insights from data can provide, and we’re here to help you achieve your financial goals. If you’re ready to take your B2B Marketing and Sales operations to the next level, contact us today.