Market Edge provides consulting and management development services, turning leading-edge business thinking into practical processes to meet clients needs.


    Business Improvement Projects

    Clients come to us with unique business challenges: growth, profitability, innovation. Market Edge partners with your organization to understand the root causes, generate potential options, and make detailed recommendations. Then we work with you through implementation, ensuring execution plans are delivered and business results are achieved.

    Capability Development Programs

    Market Edge designs and delivers Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Innovation and R&D capability development programs, tailored to your business and industry. Programs range from half-day Master Classes to multi-week Executive MBAs delivered by Market Edge Consultants and Business School Faculty.

    Dave coaching a breakout group

    Commercial Benchmarks

    Market Edge’s proprietary Benchmarks and Capability databases are based on over 20 years of experience with category-leading clients in a range of B2B and B2C industries. Our Benchmarks provide your team with guidance to determine if the quantity and quality of commercial resources is sufficient for your business’s strategy.

    Capability Assessments

    Market Edge uses a range of techniques to assess both organizational and individual commercial capability. Assessment output compares current capability to targets and identifies the highest priority gaps to be addressed based on your markets and strategy.

    Customer R&D℠ Research

    Customer R&D℠ is Market Edge’s unique approach to primary market research using a combination of video-based interviews and ethnographic analysis. Customer R&D℠ provides your organization with actionable insights that deliver clear opportunities for innovation, better segmentation and targeting, and improved product design.

    Healthcare Market Research

    Our work with category-leading healthcare and medical device companies drives discovery through the analysis of current standards of care, associated costs, pain points and opportunities for innovation, and quantification of value created for patients, physicians, payers and providers.

    Business Simulations

    EdgeSim™ challenges your teams to analyze changing market conditions and adjust their operational decisions accordingly. Teams manage a business through multiple rounds (years) as the market evolves and competitors change strategies. EdgeSim™ is complemented with coaching to identify similarities to participants’ markets and implications for business management.