The Offer defines the physical product and the associated services.  Additionally, the Offer defines the Channels to Market and the customer relationship paths required to connect with the target segment. The offer can be broken down into five elements:

    Product, Service, Selling path, Touch Points and Influencers

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    A robust offer analysis and strategy ensures the consideration of the delivery to customers in a way that is broader than the product only discussions in this example. We show the major components of the offer at every element for an Electronics B2B supplier for large consumer smartphone manufacturers.

    The product is miniature speakers that provide voice tones vibration and haptic response capabilities. The service elements are custom design free samples and installation support through a dedicated technical team. The selling path is key account management touchpoint elements are focused on two major trade shows for new leads and key account partnership meetings influencer elements have been identified as industrial design devices for the marine and oil sector.

    A robust analysis for the Offer will take each element and break them down into major components that are relevant to the target segment. It will define the Offer and if available the associated competitive differentiation.  The Offer defines the combination of products, services, information and channels to effectively communicate and transact with target segments.

    It is an input to value proposition and helps extend the proposition beyond the product.  A robust Offer will ensure that the value propositions created are considered with the appropriate tactics and relevant customer-centric channels.