The Customer Activity Cycle is used to understand customer value by mapping the entire customer experience from awareness through purchasing consumption and disposal in many cases. This is a continuous cycle of activity as customers repurchase for the next use.

    Through deep understanding of the Customers Activity Cycle a company can provide value through their products and services at every stage this supports the repurchase of the product and the entire experience turns the customer into a brand loyalists and brand advocate for each stage.

    Customer Activity Cycle

    It is important to understand what are the customers trying to achieve? How is the customer defining their issues or gains? What metrics will be used to measure success? Who, where and how does the customer investigate potential Solutions and how long does the customer have before making a decision at any one of these stages the same framework can be used to explore deeper?

    For example, in the Silicon wafer board industry, the stage can be analyzed at the point of circuit board assembly analyzing and documenting the steps prior to entering the clean room. The layout of components within the assembly room, the point of first contact with the baseboard componentry add-ons deionized are cleaning cycles and finally quality check of the finished board. The Customer Activity Cycle provides in-depth understanding from the customers point of view.

    It is created by mapping the entire cycle of activities and the customers experience. In the mapping and analysis, it is important to pay close attention to frustrations, pains and potential gains the customers have.  A properly built Customer Activity Cycle will provide your business team with key buying factors, value proposition language, ideas for innovation aligned with customer needs and value in the mind of the customer.