Engaging and Competitive
    Team Learning Event

    For Sales Meetings
    Plan the AHA Moment with your sale organization. Make sure they understand the Pricing Power in their customer negotiations and the resulting long-term business impact.
    For Training Reinforcement
    Market Edge simulations are designed to complement learning
    programs for business students and professionals from functions as diverse as marketing, sales, manufacturing and product development.
    For Team Building
    Great alternative to your routine team building events. Align your business thinking across a single or multiple cross-functional teams in a dynamic learning simulation. Can be run over a day, afternoon, or dinner.

    What is EdgeSim?

    EdgeSim™ is highly engaging and fun…but it is not a game. It is a proven, pragmatic approach that enables teams to explore the impact of strategic decisions and apply advanced strategic marketing concepts. Hundreds of teams from business schools and industry-leading companies across a wide range of markets have used our suite of simulations:

    • Chemicals, polymers & materials manufacturing
    • Life Sciences (Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Agriculture & Bioscience)
    • Commodities (Oil & Gas, Mining, Metals)
    • Business to Consumer

    All engagements are professionally staffed with a Sr. Consultant.

    Your teams will be running a business portfolio, making decisions, impacting the market and experiencing the results.  Through this simulation your teams will understand:

    • the importance of selecting the right combination of focus markets.
    • the impact of segmentation, targeting, and alignment with resource decisions.
    • the competitive strength of an optimized Marketing, Sales, R&D, and Operational investment ratios.
    • The success affiliated with good pricing strategies and governance.

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