Market Edge to Speak on Dreamit Panel "Sales Funnel Management Beyond the CRM"

    Margaret McGuire

    Market Edge Senior Healthcare Consultant, will be speaking as a panel member

    Tuesday, May 23rd from 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST for Dreamit Health Webinar Titled “Sales Funnel Management Beyond the CRM”

    Synopsis: Driving sales to the win column requires more than a CRM SaaS platform. In healthcare B2B sales, the points of sale are more like a scatterplot of sales, consisting of a team of buyers, users, and other principals. These various stakeholders must come to an agreement that your solution can show results and fit nicely into the organization’s workflow. How to you create an efficient process for advancing sales opportunities from awareness  to single advocacy to group buy-in to opportunity close.

    To join the conversation or listen in Click Here.

    Dreamit is a top-10 ranked global accelerator and venture capital firm. They drive traction and business velocity by providing startups with access to investors, a sales pipeline and a network of resources. Founded in 2008, Dreamit portfolio includes over 300 breakthrough technology companies across a variety of industry verticals. Their founders have raised over $500M in follow-on funding and include companies like: SeatGeek, HouseParty, LevelUp, Adaptly, BioBots, Biomeme, Elevate, and more.