Follow the EdgeSim™ Corporate Challenge Results

    Margaret McGuire

    6 Companies compete for global opportunities with an innovative new product over a simulated 4 Year period.  Companies create strategic marketing plans to guide their tactics during the simulation. 

    Key decisions include: plant size, market segmentation, marketing investment, as well as other key business choices.

    Competing are multifunctional corporate teams acting as the executive leadership group for their respective companies.

    FinWizards: A global, financial investment strategy firm

    FilterFans: A category leading B2B industrial equipment supplier

    MedicalConcepts: An innovative, world wide producer of medical implants and devices

    SealtheDeal: A globally operating technology focused process sealing company

    FeedAll: Agricultural category leader in modern farming technology

    BlastingCapsSpecialty chemical producer for critical performance applicationsedge2