The Challenge

    A public-sector trade association with a $200M USD budget recognized new strategic challenges. With an economic development mandate, the traditional focus of the organization towards global consumers needed to be examined and expanded. A broader constituency of stakeholders needed to be addressed.

    The Approach

    Market Edge used a diagnosis and design process to help the client’s organization develop a deeper understanding of all stakeholders to include

    • Government sponsors
    • Industry businesses
    • Local communities

    Representatives from each stakeholder group were engaged to understand needs. That understanding was the new material for the annual Global Management Conference, an interactive workshop to revise their strategy and set a two-year action plan.

    The Outcome

    Evaluations from leaders participating in the conference rated the event as the organization’s “most successful in 30 years. Links to stakeholders were established and strengthened, and ongoing feedback loops were established both within the organization and externally. Significant qualitative improvement resulted from re-aligning the organization with its driving constituencies.