The Challenge

    A leading global polymer manufacturer faced falling margins in its largest markets. Technological innovation rates fell steadily over the previous 5 years and the portfolio was rapidly maturing.  The lack of innovation of products or services was eliminating primary sources of value creation and differentiation.

    The Approach

    Market Edge consultants worked with senior managers to define the nature of their strategic challenges and how innovation could support their strategic approach. Based on an agreed approach

    • A faculty of leading academics designed a targeted innovation approach
    • A two-week Market Driven Innovation program was deployed in target areas
    • 35 middle and senior managers leveraged the approach to drive innovation in both product and service offers

    The Outcome

    The adopted approach generated product and service innovations at 3x the previous rate and the organization has realized sustainable margin growth.

    The approach has become a pillar of business innovation and a core component of the client’s overall strategy. It is a key part of the management curriculum and has been delivered 8x in all four regions of the world to >200 senior managers.