The Challenge

    Following the election of a new Governor, the appointed Cabinet Secretary faced significant change management issues.  The Department of Children’s Social Services required improvements in service quality effectiveness and efficiency. The organization had to be mobilized to generate, accept and implement new ideas, but the implementation plan was met with varying degrees of resistance.

    The Approach

    Market Edge worked with the Cabinet Secretary and her executive team to:

    • Diagnose the Department’s preferred approach to problem solving and innovation, including the use of diagnostic instruments such as KAI (Kirton Adaption Innovation) Theory and the Denison Organizational Culture Survey
    • Develop a management change approach and plan underpinned by conceptual thinking that aligned with senior leadership approach
    • Develop a staff approach in a more incremental change style, based on detailed planning and careful consideration of consequences
    • Implement via initiative teams that were balanced with individuals with different styles as well as “bridges” that could operate across the entire spectrum of problem solving styles

    The Outcome

    The Department’s Executive Team harnessed the diversity in the organization and the pace of strategy implementation improved dramatically.  Implementation delivered step change and improvements in child outcomes (child safety, reduced recidivism and adoption placement).