The Challenge

    A European leader in specialty performance plastics changed its strategic business development direction, moving from a product and technical orientation to a market driven approach. This change required new organizational capabilities, new marketing skills, and the development of a market-oriented culture.

    The Approach

    Market Edge designed a modular, cross-functional (finance, sales, technical and marketing) program to:

    • Enhance  marketing planning and business development
    • Imbed lateral thinking approaches such as simulation technologies and case scenario planning
    • Apply learning to both business process and individual areas of market responsibility

    The Outcome

    The approach has served as the backbone for marketing planning and business development across the global organization. Cross-functional participation resulted in a shared understanding of marketing processes and the development of  the client has embedded a ‘Marketing Culture’ that extends across functional boundaries and allows all members of the business unit to  drive marketing excellence.  This has to led to more than 60 marketing plans to an agreed global process and standard.