The Challenge

    A leading medical device company was faced with an overfilled product development pipeline. Without specific market targets and a thorough understanding of their users’ needs, they struggled to define their technical development roadmap. They sought to identify the most impactful performance vectors in order to prioritize products and technology initiatives in their pipeline.

    The Approach

    Market Edge consultants met with senior business leaders to discuss the strategic decisions they faced. Drawing on Market Edge’s expertise in Customer R&DSM, they agreed upon a cost-effective approach to developing a comprehensive understanding of customer and user priorities, which included

    • Developing detailed clinician screening criteria and a discussion guide
    • Screening and recruiting a diverse group of 40 clinicians and 18 administrators
    • Conducting and audio-recording virtual 45-minute in-depth interviews

    The Outcome

     Based on clinician and administer feedback, Market Edge identified the most important performance vectors currently, as well as those where improvement would be impactful. Market Edge facilitated an Insights Workshop to share the findings, build team consensus and identify implications for the product development pipeline. The business’s resources, investments and functional plans for the next 10 years are now linked to specific initiatives related to prioritized performance vectors.