Bookshelf Recommendation: Must-Win Battles: Creating the Focus You Need to Achieve Your Key Business Goals

    Margaret McGuire

    Must-Win Battles is an essential companion for leaders who want to cut through an array of uncoordinated initiatives, and bring focus and renewed energy to their organizations. Another month, another initiative? Sometimes it can seem that way to busy managers. Each initiative, taken alone, may make sense, but most organizations have too many priorities. Everything is important. The end result, of course, is that nothing is really important, and the organization lacks focus. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can break the stalemate by focusing your organization’s resources and energy on the three to five key battles that you must win in order to achieve your most important goals. Once established, these must-win battles become the focal point of decisions and action plans, and command the resources and commitment they deserve.

    Must-Win Battles will show you how to identify and agree on the critical challenges that will make or break your business, and help you to mobilize people and resources to achieve those goals by combining strategic focus with emotional commitment. Must-win battles are about making strategy and building the team. At the heart of Must-Win Battles is a process for learning to do fewer things, and doing them better. While you focus on your “Must-Wins,” you will free-up resources by shutting down your “Must-Stops.” At the same time, the management team will develop a common view of what success in each battle looks like and will commit to the individual and group behavior needed to keep driving progress over the weeks and months that it will take to achieve success.

    Over time, individual battles will be won or lost: the enduring victory that drives further success is in the new ways of working together that emerge from the must-win battle process. You start by winning battles; you end by transforming your organization.