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    Market Edge on “Money and Politics in Delaware” NEWSRADIO1450 WILM

    Host Rusty Giles asks Market Edge’s Paul Drees: What are the market drivers creating uncertainty and shaping Agriculture and what are the implications for Delaware?

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    Presidential Candidates & Healthcare

    The positions of the presidential candidates on healthcare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are noteworthy as healthcare consumes $3 trillion, almost $10,000 for every man, woman and child in the United States.

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    Agriculture, Ethanol and Presidential Politics

    The presidential election is still 10 months away; however, the countdown to the February 1, 2016 Iowa Caucus is on. Iowa’s early position in the Presidential primary season has both the agriculture and renewable fuels industries paying close attention when it comes to the candidate’s stance on Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) and Ag and Energy Subsidies.

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    Registration is open for 2016 Strategic Marketing Programs

    Send your team to the next Market Edge Strategic Marketing Program.

    The North American Strategic Marketing Program registration is open for the 26-28 April 2016 program in Wilmington, Delaware.

    After a sold out 2015 fall program in North America, The Market Edge Management Development Academy has opened enrollment for additional

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    Registration for the European Strategic Marketing Program is Now Closed

    The European Open Strategic Marketing Program is now closed for further registrations for the 22-24 September program in Amsterdam.

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    Another successful Strategic Marketing Program

    April 2015 Strategic Marketing Program – Market Edge successfully led participating teams from category leading companies through our Strategic Marketing Program.  

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    Scottish Referendum Creates Strategy Scenario Drivers

    On September 18,  Scottish residents vote on independence.  A few months ago, this referendum evoked similar jokes and general nonchalance as votes in Quebec, Barcelona and even Venice have in the past few years.  But new polling data indicates that for the first time a majority of voters favor “yes.”   Regardless of which side of the referendum you support, this is a major scenario driver for several sectors and many of our clients.  A few examples:

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    The ALS Association and the "Ice Bucket Challenge"

    The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is an inspiring case study into the power of social media. Douse yourself or get doused with a bucket of ice water and place it on a social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) then nominate others to do the same. Those who refuse the challenge are asked to donate to the ALS charity of their choice.

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